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Whitney Eve Fall 2012 Runway Review

Produced by the infamous Kelly Cutrone, of course the show went off without a hitch. It's no wonder Whitney Port teamed up with People's Revolution once again, not only in the reality TV world, but in reality as well. 

The show was filled with cute little girly ensembles mixed with a small bit of funk. The collection seemed to be a fusion of the LA girl and the hippie chic chick, but with a slightly edgy spin. You could tell right off the bat that the show would take on this kind of boho influence with garment names like Starburst Pant, Peacock Cardigan, Moon Dress, and Kaleidoscope necklace. Nonetheless, I believed the collection to be influenced by our galaxy as well, with names like Orion Pant, Pluto Tuxedo Jacket, and Andromeda cover-up. So, which one was it? Neither! The inspiration for the collection actually came from a kaleidoscope that Whitney found in her Grandmother's house. From this one element came the birth of a collection filled with jewel tones, shattered prints, and some graphic shapes. Created for the "girl on the go", each piece exuded a youthful kick with layered garments and several cocktail outfits as well. 

All in all, you definitely knew it was a Whitney Port show from the first look to the very last. A true contemporary designer, Port loves dressing the everyday girl who loves style, but has a life that's more than just fashion… if any of us can imagine that.

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