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Paul Smith Fall 2012 Runway Review

Predictability can be boring, but it also can be comforting. In the case of Paul Smith's women's collection, it's the latter; after all, if you do something well, why change it? For the most part, the Fall showing by Smith was filled with menswear influenced shapes in muted autumnal neutrals and bright pops of color. It might come as a shock to learn that Paul Smith is one of Britain's most successful designers, commercially, but in looking at this collection it's easy to see why. Slim fit blazers and trousers made up a large part of the show's successful looks, with high necklines and masculine outerwear throughout. 

The only misstep, which held this collection back from being an overall success, was the brand's eveningwear. The introduction of sheer fabrications came out of nowhere and looked out of place next to the thin knits of the rest of the collection. Smith did contribute to the growing velvet trend with a few dramatic evening suits but for the most part, it was the daywear that was most successful. It wasn't exciting, or even unexpected, but it was perfectly Paul Smith and just what his customers want to wear.