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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Milan Fall 2012 Hits and Misses

Milan Fashion Week for Fall 2012 has come to close and forum members have shared their opinions on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are their final picks for the highs and lows from Milan’s runways this season.

Milan Fall 2012 Hits - Marni, Ji Sander, Bottega Veneta
The Hits: Marni, Jil Sander, Bottega Veneta



“Adorable! Definitely one of the best this season and the best of Milan without a doubt. I love how evolved it is. [Consuelo Castiglioni has] been doing this boxy/block thing for such a long time that this new silhouette, the 60s mod/20s waistless shape and the cartoon heroine touch are really exposing Marni's quintessential elements and bringing them into a new, very refreshing light that still feels quite traditional for them.” [MulletProof]

“Quintessential Marni at it's best. Love the sunflower prints, and the coats are divine!” [HeatherAnne]

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Jil Sander

“Absolutely perfect! What a high to go out on, it's such a shame that [Raf Simons is] leaving. I wasn't at all surprised that he got a standing ovation… Everything was spot on, I particularly loved the coats, and the heels were incredibly architectural.” [Chanelcouture09]

“FLAWLESS! Color palette is a dream. Fabrics are to die for. Coats are incredible. It looked like they had no way to close them, but holding a coat closed with your hand has never looked more elegant. Brilliant swan song.” [Mr-Dale]

“This was the most beautiful fashion moment I ever witnessed in my life. What a stunning collection, what a way of ending an era. A collection that was the epitome of beauty, elegance, sophistication and femininity, no gimmicks and drama, just the most pure way of being a woman and dressing with class. Nothing but tears in my eyes, I hope this is not the last I feel what I'm feeling right now.” [Marc10]

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Bottega Veneta

“So powerful yet very feminine! Chic and a bit provocative. I love how the prints were established and how they just went with the flow and blended well with the solid-colored dresses! This is BEAUTIFUL!!” [ToniOrtega]

“Starting off with very somber, yet classy and then beautifully fitted dresses, with everything from prints, ruffles, pleats, jewels, belts and corsets to finish off the looks. The most beautiful, simple, yet effective styling too. Bottega Veneta has been on a roll lately.” [Northern Star]

“Great looking collection. It's nice to see [Tomas] Maier sharpen the look up a bit, remove some of the softer edges and do something very sharp and assertive.” [Spike413]

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Milan Fall 2012 Misses - Blumarine, Versace, Roberto Cavalli
The Misses: Blumarine, Versace, Roberto Cavalli



“I don't mind metallics, they can be really powerful, but it's usually a sign of weakness when a designer has to rely solely on them to make a statement. And that's what [Anna] Molinari seems to have done here. As far as I'm concerned she lost her touch years ago. Blumarine has just become another Euro trash, Juicy Couture-type brand for those who don't actually have any real style but just want to attract attention with gaudy clothes.” [Squizree]

“Blumarine has always bordered the tacky/trendy line so I don't think this is very different. However, while I can sometimes appreciate an overly cohesive tacky collection simply for its honesty, this is too all over the place to enjoy… it reeks of desperation.” [saann]

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“A lot of [this collection] is tacky and overkill. It's too bad the collection didn't work further on the medieval references (as Spike413 pointed out, to Joan of Arc for one) evident in the set and near the end, in those shiny fierce looking (chain-mail to use Tentacl Ventricl's words) dresses and gowns. All sorts of ideas related to fire and battle could've been worked in, instead of the overused cross… There was a lot of potential in the ideas here, but the execution is a letdown.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I'm not the only one whose first thought was ‘tacky.’ That's all I can think.” [loladonna]

“I hate about half of this (roughly from where the neon starts, to where the gowns start). Versace is always gaudy/tacky but still in a High Fashion way, but so much of this is just tacky in a bad way. A lot of it looks like knock-offs I would find in street markets. I hate to say that because Versace is one of my favorites.” [franki]

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Roberto Cavalli

“This is the worst my eyes have seen from Cavalli.” [starblood]

“THIS IS ENTIRELY AWFUL. I don't even know where to begin. The horrid prints? Those astonishingly hideous skirts? The unflattering frills on everything? The random use of velvet and fur? So cheap and tacky and absolutely horrendous. What the hell happened here?” [Psylocke]

“This collection really is a calamity. I think it's the most disappointing collection for me this season in terms of anticipation versus execution. The styling is just woeful…The silhouettes are just tragic. When it makes supermodels look like frumpy, flustered grannies, then really there is no hope.” [rosalynn]

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