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Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Runway Review

Fresh off the heels of a semi-scandal, Marc Jacobs showed a Louis Vuitton collection that nodded to the past (notably the 20s), with understated looks focused on cuts and silhouettes for their memorable effect. As he did for his namesake line, he opted to have the models walk out with oversized hats, though thankfully not quiet as oversized this time around.

Travel was another focal point with suitcase-inspired bags (the highlight of the show) of all sizes and textures and plenty of bell-shaped outerwear. In keeping with the travel theme, most silhouettes in the print-heavy lineup veered on the relaxed side for a cozy feel, especially when it came to the layered look. Nonetheless, despite their simple appearance, many pieces had much in the way of painstaking skill behind them (think beading and patchwork).