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Five Minutes with Multitasking Maven India Hicks

Model, host of Bravo’s Top Design, and daughter of famed interior designer David Nightingale Hicks, India Hicks has just introduced a chic accessibly priced jewelry collection as an alternative to her fine jewelry collection. Pieces in the new line start at around $180 for a sterling silver pendant and they echo the free-spirited, but understated, nature of her more expensive pieces. Jewelry aside, Hicks also has namesake body, home, clothing, accessories, shoe, and bag ranges to keep herself busy when she’s not doting on her (beautiful!) children. We spoke to the multitasking mother of four about being a reality TV judge, modeling memories, beauty tips, and more.

The Fashion Spot: What was it like hosting Top Design?

India Hicks: The Top Design experience was like arriving on Mars – fantastically exciting and completely unknown. I was also breast feeding my four month old daughter at the time, which made the adventure all the more surreal, as she was on set with me most days.

tFS: Do you still keep in touch with any of the other judges?

IH: I am in touch with all the other judges. We remain close friends (I recently launched Jonathan Adler's London store, where he sells my LOVE LETTER collection). I was lucky in having a team who were true experts in their fields, bringing with them a real sense of integrity which, we must admit, sometimes lacks in the world of reality TV.

tFS: You've worked with Crabtree & Evelyn on a bath and body line, what are your daily beauty must-haves?

IH: I am very low maintenance when it comes to beauty routines, but living in the sun, I always use my super moisturizing Island Living Body Butter, a high SPF, and a deep hair conditioner, which keeps my skin soft as silk pajamas.

tFS: You spent some time modeling, any memorable moments you can share with us?

IH: So many…my first job was for Ralph Lauren, riding shining thoroughbred horses on a historical estate, with flowers and thanks sent to my room after work. My next job was in an unconditioned Winnebego for an unheard-of catalog company in Florida in the middle of summer. No flowers, no thanks. Welcome to the world of modeling! Unpredictable and memorable.

tFS: What's the best beauty tip you've picked up throughout your career?

IH: Not so much a beauty tip, but just learning to have the courage to march to your own beat.

tFS: Do you ever find yourself stumped for inspiration?

IH: Of course. It feels like being marooned on a tiny deserted island, which is odd because much of the time I am marooned on a tiny island.

tFS: What are your most cherished furniture pieces?

IH: My most cherished furniture pieces? That is the oddest question I have ever been asked. The most useful piece of furniture was the changing table that I had as a baby, used for my sister and brother before me, and used for all four of my own children after. When it was shipped from England to The Bahamas, David my other half, thought it was a drinks trolly and enthusiastically began organizing cocktail glasses on it.

tFS: What's one jewelry piece and one interior design piece you're dying to splurge on?

IH: Now that I design my own collections of jewelry, I no longer stray to other designer's; it would feel a little adulterous. I am longing for two Alexandra Von Furstenberg perspex cube end tables. In shocking pink for Savannah, a modernist house I inherited from my designer dad.