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Thursday Sunday Autumn/Winter 2012

Eco-friendly fashion labels are one thing, but designers that feature knitwear 100% handmade by a family member are in an entirely different class.

Melbourne brand Thursday Sunday is the brainchild of local ladies Iris Cuaresma and Mara Tonetti. Turning to fashion after studying commerce and creative design respectively, they make all their effortless clothing from locally sourced fabrics. Each collection features organic natural fibres and, yes, knitwear 100% handmade by Tonetti’s dressmaker mother.

Thursday Sunday Fall 2012

But these aren’t your average lumpy sweaters adorned with gaudy seasonal imagery. Thursday Sunday is synonymous with natural colors and textures complemented by silhouettes that flatter the figure without drawing attention to it. Texture is a naturally occurring feature of their luxurious fabrics, and clean tailoring contributes to an aesthetic that’s nostalgic without being old fashioned.

Thursday Sunday’s Winter 2012 collection is only the third that the brand has churned out, and demonstrates a more playful approach to their signature look. The Asymmetrical Fold Skirt has had a rather large panel completely chopped off above the knee on one side yet still exudes sophistication, and the Low Waist Check Pant, though boyish, is still light enough to lounge around in without feeling like you haven’t yet changed out of your work clothes. Though if any lounging is in the cards, you’ll want to be doing it in one of those velvety silk angora knits.

Check out the pieces available at Incu and prepare to look at mom knits in a whole new light.