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Post-Apocalyptic Inspiration for Accessory Label Benah

Brenda Harvey embarks on a neo-noir journey into an apocalyptic future for AW 2012. Inspired by Phillip K. Dick’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner, this dazzlingly visual collection marks a new direction for the generally understated high-end accessories label.

But Benah's ‘Limits’ campaign doesn’t solely evoke dystopian pollution and the hunting down of human-like androids. Futuristic textiles and holographic patterns are softened by romantic 1930s styling and photography, courtesy of Alice Babidge and Ben Briand respectively. Boxy bags come in both kaleidoscopic 3D silver and timelessly elegant blush and burgundy, kind of like what the socialites of yesteryear might want to carry their ciggies and lipstick in if they were suddenly transported into an age of androids and flying automobiles. 

Benah’s signature silk scarves utilize digital prints but in timeless houndstooth, and last season’s sandals are replaced with rich suede brogues perfect for traversing the rough terrain of a catastrophe-stricken future in the utmost style and comfort. Harvey also continues to charter new territory by introducing a limited edition line of jewelry. A natural progression for a label that draws on its creator’s nomadic upbringing and the accumulation of miscellaneous objects, this season’s gold chain bracelets are the perfect balance of showiness and sophistication.


‘Limits’ is well timed considering that 2012 is supposed to be the year that Earth-dwellers are plunged into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Heavy stuff, but a good excuse to max out a few credit cards sussing out an appropriate wardrobe. 

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