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Fashion Week Australia S/S 2012-2013: Day One Recap

Gail Sorronda

Gail SorrondaIt’s testament to just how much Anna Plunket and Luke Sales are venerated that people arrive for their 9 AM show dressed in fifty-inch heels and sequins. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia commenced Monday with Romance Was Born, a show guaranteed to wake you up far more effectively than a triple-shot espresso. The well turned-out crowd was treated to a show that drew inspiration from Marvel’s The Avengers. Bold prints revealed screen-printed scenes from the pages of comic books and there was shiny fabric aplenty, but the clothes were surprisingly wearable. Hair, on the other hand, was Wonder Woman-meets-Fifth Element, and the stick-on eyebrows were beyond.

Crazy makeup continued at Gail Sorronda’s presentation in The Box (right), titled “Oh My Goth!” Models were painted up like sinister dolls with black lipstick and Joker-like grins, a short film by Nick Waterman playing behind them. In that context, the clothing looked a little costumey, but take it out of the evil toy box and it’s a way less creepy story. Standout pieces included a pair of high-waisted flares covered in Crayola polka dots, while more modest dressers would appreciate the deliciously dark separates.   

Kirrily Johnson continued her tradition of showing off-site with a Romanian farm girl presentation at Sydney restaurant Neild Ave. Manning Cartell showed his Frida Kahlo-inspired collection in a dusty church with the boldly printed clothes perhaps taking a back pew to the setting and the M.I.A./Die Antwoord soundtrack. Ksubi went the other direction, doing away with their signature runway theatrics and focusing on the clothes. And apparently really amazing styling can actually be more engrossing than a catwalk teeming with live rats, especially if the amazing Christine Centenera has anything to do with it. Piling on the denim and layering it with chambray and more denim, Centenera showed why she gets to do cool things like hang out and go shopping with Kanye West