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Get Metaphysical With Billy Bride

Some people see crystals as possessing a powerful energy, and some see those kinds of people as being a bit weird in the head. Whatever your own stance on the matter, you’ll find it hard not to be possessed by the irresistible allure of Billy Bride jewellery. The young label reveals almost hypnotising qualities in pieces of canary agate, titian sapphire, coral, and jade, and has just launched a fancy new website to make the process of visual seduction that much more seamless.

Billy Bride’s Renee Warne harnesses the perpetually absorbing quality of precious stones and converts it into something modern yet timeless. Each piece of Billy Bride jewellery is individually handcrafted to accentuate the crystal’s natural beauty (no two stones are like) but by doing so, Warne also puts the spotlight on her own enviable ability. The rough cut stones are cast in minimal amounts of metal to showcase them in a state that makes you most want to carry them around at all times for protection or rise before the sun on the morning of the Spring Equinox to perform some sort of crazy magic spell, but it’s this raw power combined with a wearable structure that makes Billy Bride so special. 

The brand has always had a strong web presence, but the new Billy Bride website really gives attention to the fact that these are not just pretty things you can look at on a blog but pretty things you can click on, buy, and have as your very own. As well as a small selection of one-of-a-kind rings there are also larger quartz clusters fashioned into pendants, and a newer range of beaded necklaces that hand-fuse Billy Bride’s raw aesthetic with colourful waxed linen cord. Check them all out here