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Get to Know These British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow

Brands such as Burberry, Harrods, and Jimmy Choo, are represented by the organization Walpole, which ultimately aims to promote the luxury British Fashion Industry. As Walpole’s goal is to support small up-and-coming luxury British brands, each year they unveil an annual Brands of Tomorrow list. They search for brands which demonstrate signs of quality, originality, and having cutting edge designs. This year’s list of eight features the following fashion brands: the luxury headwear brand Vivien Sheriff, luxe sportswear label Lucas Hugh, luxury scarf brand Lily and Lionel, designer kidswear label Aravore, the recycled accessories brand Elvis and Kresse. They are also supporting a chocolatier, a yacht builder, and a designer tent maker. Find out a little bit more about some of our favourites of these fashion brands primed to make it big.

Vivien Sheriff

This luxury headwear brand’s studios are located within the heart of the British countryside and it’s this location which clearly has an influence on its British heritage-infused designs. They abide by a traditional millinery practice whilst acting ethically with the use of sustainable natural minerals. Their flamboyant hats and fascinators, which are typically embellished with flowers or feathers, are perfect for special occasions; be it a wedding or even a traditional British event such as horse racing. 

Lily and Lionel

Lily and Lionel is a luxury scarf brand which was founded by the London College of Fashion graduate Alice Stone. Fans of the label include Elle Macpherson and Edie Campbell. The staying power of her designs has often been coveted by Vogue and Harper's, meaning that they truly are great investment pieces. 

Elvis and Kresse

Their accessories are created by taking useless waste materials and recycling them into must-have pieces. For instance, their latest designs have seen them re-engineer retired firehoses from the British Fire Brigade (which would have otherwise gone to the nearest landfill site) and transform the waste material into beautiful bags and purses. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for these rising British luxury fashion brands, with Walpole by their sides, they are destined for fashion superstardom.


Images: Vivien SheriffElvis and KresseLily and Lionel