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ASOS Marketplace Showcases British Street Style and Emerging Design Talent

This week we’re excited to be visiting Graduate Fashion Week, and hopefully with our eagle eyes, we’ll be able to spot the next top designers to be unleashed into the fashion world. As the upcoming event explores emerging talent, there is a plethora of underrepresented British designers and budding young entrepreneurs that aren't able to showcase their fashionable pieces. Until now, that is.

ASOS Marketplace

It’s great to follow mainstream fashion trends, but sometimes you can’t help but feel a bit extra special knowing that what you’re wearing is unique, vintage, or custom designed. For the past couple of years, the UK’s leading online fashion retailer, ASOS, has tried to fulfill this need whilst simultaneously providing independents the opportunity to sell their unique pieces. ASOS’ initiative is called Marketplace, and practically anybody can sign up and create their own mini online boutique. It now even has sellers from Germany through to the US.

If you aren’t already familiar with Marketplace, it might be sound a little eBay-ish, but in reality, they’re worlds apart. The typical Marketplace seller has full creative control, and this can often mean a mini photo shoot to sell their items. It’s a great way to gain a real glimpse into true British street styles and tastes.

British trends are more than just the catwalks

Fashion tastes differ throughout London’s different boroughs, and there is a stark contrast between the overriding styles in the West compared to the East. West London is filled more with affluent looking business people, and the typical English heritage look, whereas the East is mostly home to young creatives who experiment with their looks, and where hair tied up into a top bun is pretty much the uniform. If you don’t live in London, or if you’re not lucky enough to holiday here anytime soon, then Marketplace is a great place to give you a real feel for what British fashion is all about. If we take a look at the Goldie Boutique on Marketplace, the owner puts together outfits using vintage finds and her own designs upon the streets of East London. Just flicking through her current stock gives you a feel for the East London Vibe. Below left, the obligatory top bun is present, and below right, this laid back Peter Pan collar dress accessorised with a quirky hat and brogues has East written all over it.

So, if you really want a feel for British style, have a flick through the Marketplace boutiques, or if it’s made you feel inspired, become a seller yourself! 

Images: Goldie Boutique on Marketplace