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Fashion Fill-in-the-Blanks with Model Ashley Graham

Last week, model Ashley Graham stopped by the Ford Artists Beauty Suite for an assortment of salon treatments before her Fashion's Night Out-ing. She had a few minutes to chat with us while she waiting for a massage, so we took the opportunity to have her play our Fashion Fill-In-The-Blanks game.

model Ashley Graham

We've included her responses below because you should read them/know her/love her, but first, I'm sure you want to know everything in the world about that amazing bag hanging on her shoulder in the picture above? Well, it cost TEN DOLLARS, she bought it at the phenomenal Housing Works, she doesn't know who made it but is just happy to carry something so cool and "Versace-esque." I nearly stole it from her. (Just kidding. Not kidding.)


1.    The one style tip everyone needs to know …

"No matter what shape you are, show off your silhouette."

2.    My most treasured wardrobe item …

"My Prada wedges. which are black patent leather and go with everything in the world."

3.    I’m bored to death of this trend …

"The cheap lace that's everywhere. Everyone that's re-doing the lace. I'm so over that."

4.    I never leave the house without …

"An amazing bag on my arm." [Noted!]

5.    If I could raid anyone’s closet, it would be …

"Gwen Stefani."

6.    My most memorable fashion blunder …

"Oh god. How many are there? I wore an 80s patent leather belt to cinch in a dress one night, with leggings. And thought I was being really cute and trendy, but really I just looked like a hot chick from the 80s."

7.    My guilty pleasure …

"I have too many guilty pleasures. One of them being french fries. Another one being pizza. Yeah. french fries and pizza. But I'm a plus size model so I can really indulge. I can have it at least twice a week, if I really wanted to."

8.    Best fashion week memory/experience …

"Hosting a Lane Bryant event and seeing all the amazing women that came in. This was actually last year. I was hosting the event and I met all these amazing beautiful women who were just there because they loved their bodies and their curves and so do I."

9.    My favorite thing about fashion week …

"It's go-go-go. You think New York City never sleeps? Fashion week really never sleeps."

10.     Fashion week in one word …


Photo by Brad Triffitt

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