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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week

1. 7 Stunningly Simple Hairstyles to Wow the Holiday Party Circuit – Give your hair a merry, merry Christmas.

2. Scandal’s Katie Lowes Opens Up: Closed Set with Julie Bensman  - The actress opens up about baking, the blues, and the miraculous product known as Bag Balm.

3. A Dude Candle and 14 Other Gifts Your Guy Will Love – Is there a guy you love? Or at least one you can stand?

4. Fashionista on a Budget: The Love List – Don't fall behind on your rent just because you have an extra-long shopping list.

5. How to Dress for the Holidays Without Looking Like Santa's Helper – Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you have to throw your entire sense of style out the window.

6. Skip the 'Poo for Your Shiniest Hair Ever – How long have you gone without washing your hair?

7. So Pinteresting: The Ultimate Holiday Wishlist – Things you're a click away from craving.

8. #RealTalk: What Guys Really Want for the Holidays – Stuff he won't want to return, come January.

9. Top 10 Style Blogs: International Edition – Get your bookmarking fingers ready.

10. Fashion Accessory or Christmas Tree Decoration? You DecideHow far have you traveled down the road of Christmas kitsch?

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