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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week

1. Designer Dossier: Nicholas Ghesquière – How well do you know Nicholas Ghesquière?

2. 10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying to You – Not included: pants on fire. 

3. The Glossies: All the April 2013 Covers We Loved and Hated – Tan envy, killer lashes, Tina Turner and more.

4. Bright Eyes: Shock Your Look with Neon Makeup – Give your peepers a pop. 

5. Sartorial Spring Cleaning: 7 Great Options for Reselling Your Clothes – Details on seven reselling options, what they're all about and how much you should expect to make from each.

6. 50 Shades of Cara Delevingne: The Ultimate Funny Faces Slideshow – A celebration of Cara D's crazy-amazing faces.

7. See How This Season's It Shoe Stacks Up – Give your feet a break by storing your stilettos and cone-shaped heels away.

8. Getting to Know Our Latest French Crush, Roxane Mesquida – Catching up with the overseas fashion icon (yes, icon) and star of the new Kiss of the Damned.

9. Costume Designer Janie Bryant Talks Mad Men and Banana Republic – One way to get so excited about the upcoming season premiere. 

10. Casting Directors: Here Are 23 (Amazing) Non-White Models You Should Hire – Fashion has a race problem and it's time to change that.