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Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 Hits & Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

The Misses: DSquared2, Gucci, Fendi. Images via IMAXtree

The Misses: DSquared2, Gucci, Fendi. Images via IMAXtree



“Can someone explain the appeal of a grandma panty peeking out from beneath a short corset then topped off with a Thanksgiving cornucopia?” [Luxx]

“Literally every look down that runway was ripped off from John Galliano's Dior. It's not even the tiniest bit discreet.” [valliaddict]

“Where did this come from? It's NOTHING like what they were showing the last few seasons. The transition felt very unnatural, gimmicky and kind of desperate.” [MyNameIs]

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“Art Nouv-OH-HELL-NO. She loves to find one boring print and just shove it on every single thing she possibly can, doesn't she?” [Kite]

“So, Frida [Giannini] designed a collection for sexy cougars living in a retirement community? Blanche Devereaux would have been all over this 25 years ago.” [LabelWhore4]

“So much of this is just so ugly. The gold pieces were the worst. Sure the ladies of the Real Housewives franchise would love this.” [VogueDisciple93]

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“These built-in bikinis into everything is so wack.” [HeatherAnne]

“It's original for the sake of being original. I don't see any real direction. Many pieces are way too complex and over-designed. It's like it’s meant for editorials, not women. You know the feeling when the new magazines of the season start to feature Prada on every cover and a week in you feel nauseous with it all… with this collection I already feel sick of it after just one viewing on the runway.” [gazebo]

“It seemed exciting at first but got super redundant after the first ten looks or so. It's just one idea used for every look and the clothes themselves are really not interesting enough to make this concept work… I was irritated by the random headpieces as well.” [Psylocke]

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