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Christian Dior Haute Couture is Technically Impressive, Aesthetically Dull

Raf Simons clearly had economics in mind when conceiving his very wearable Spring 2014 Haute Couture collection. From a technical standpoint, each look was mindboggling, especially in terms of fabric innovation/manipulation—but that should go without saying for a couture house with Dior-size budgets. What was surprising is that while Simons’ work was nothing short of groundbreaking at Jil Sander (who can forget his Fall 2012 collection, which singlehandedly spawned the floor length skirt/T-shirt trend?), there isn’t much envelope-pushing with his work at Dior.

In fact, Simons revisited a classic Dior look–the sack dress, which ironically, ends up looking more like one-size-fits-all than made-to-measure. It’s also difficult to deny the redundancy in the 50-plus looks. If there’s one thing that would make it all worth it, however, it’s if Jennifer Lawrence shows up at the Oscars in one of the collection’s jumpers–now that would be envelope-pushing.

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