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Band of Outsiders Keeps the Quirk Coming for Fall 2014 (Runway Review)



The Scene: A trompe l'oeil apartment interior backdrop hints at what's to come clothes-wise.

The Look: Band of Outsiders builds upon its reputation as the quirky-cool girl's favorite brand. With this line, details make the girl. Perfect prints (dark, fall-appropriate florals along with black-and-white raspberries) and so-weird-they-work silhouettes (a knit skirt that mimics the look of a sweater tied around the hips) just add to the brand's hits. Cute and deceptive trompe l'oeil details on ponchos and skirts incorporate a signature grown-up whimsy, as does the pitch-perfect use of plaid and the color scheme (black/white, icy lavender).

The Accessories: Don't skimp on the pre-manicured nail gloves (black, above-the-elbow length, with nails outlined in white and painted in deep blue, also in tan leather) or the two-tone sunglasses.

The Beauty: Pinky-nude lips and eggplant lipliner. Deep-part side-ponies scream both "put-together" and "effortless."

The Takeaway: One of everything, please. Pretty please?

All images: IMAXtree

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