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21 Questions with… Haute Couture Designer Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad Headshot

Haute couture designer Zuhair Murad spends his Saturdays clubbing…and more things we learned when he answered our quickfire questions.

  1. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is… drink a cup of water.
  2. I would never leave my home without… my mobile.
  3. When I'm stressed… I am very productive.
  4. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most is… my biker jacket.
  5. I'm excited for Spring/Summer 2014 because… I will fail once again to take some time off.
  6. Every woman should own… a pair of black stilettos.
  7. A fashion pet peeve of mine… is wedge sneakers.
  8. My favorite place to travel is… Mykonos.
  9. My beauty essentials include... a concealer.
  10. The last thing I googled was… butterfly wings.
  11. If my days had one extra hour I'd… sleep one extra hour.
  12. When I'm looking to get inspired I… buy books.
  13. On a typical Saturday night I… go clubbing.
  14. One thing I do badly that I wish I did well is… sailing.
  15. My favorite place to shop is… Selfridges.
  16. One celebrity I would love to see in a piece from my collection is… Nicole Kidman.
  17. My guilty pleasure is… dark chocolate.
  18. One luxury item I'm dying for is… nothing.
  19. When it comes to staying healthy I… eat salads.
  20. If I had one style regret it would be… letting my hair grow.
  21. The best advice I ever got… "always seek for perfection."