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One Minute With … Nicholas and Christopher Kunz of Nicholas K

Christopher and Nicholas Kunz; Image: IMaxTree

Christopher and Nicholas Kunz; Image: IMaxTree

And…we’re off to the races! Nicholas K got the party started this morning at Lincoln Center for day one of New York Fashion Week. Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA and Pete Wentz all showed up for the early bird special, which took a deliciously dark turn on the runway. Think Amelia Earhart: The Lost Years. After the show, we headed backstage to chat with the designers behind it all, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. 

theFashionSpot: We’re living for your gothic look this season. 

Nicholas Kunz: We were inspired by film noir, in particular a silent film called The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It’s from the 1920s, but it looks so modern now. We took that gothic, dark feeling and mixed it with steam punk accessories like aviator hats and round glasses.

tFS: Speaking of punk, we spotted a bleached blond Pete Wentz in your front row.

Christopher Kunz: Yes, we just met. He’s wearing the clothes today, and he looks great. He’s a good fit for the brand.

tFS: This is the last season that Fashion Week will be at Lincoln Center. What are you going to miss the most?

NK: Just the comfort of knowing where you’re going and being familiar with the space. We have a little routine, but it’s always nice to have a fresh start as well.

tFS: What’s your funniest Fashion Week moment to date?

NK: When our dog Jake walked down the runway at our first show.

CK: He didn’t even care where we were. He kept going all the way down the runway without us!

NK: He loves cameras. He actually has a custom leash and collar from Found My Animal now because they saw him on our runway. 

tFS: You designed a dog jacket for charity. Would you consider a pet line?

CK: It would be a good extension from the brand. We’re big dog people!

To view the complete Nicholas K Fall 2015 collection, click on the slideshow below.

 Images: Imaxtree

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