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We Go Behind the Scenes at Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2015 Video Shoot

Cynthia Rowley; Image: Getty

Cynthia Rowley; Image: Getty

Cynthia Rowley is switching things up this season. Instead of a traditional runway format, the designer will debut a digital runway show at 2 p.m. Friday, February 13, that’s loosely inspired by Michael Jackson. (To see the video at showtime, go to The video was shot by famed videographer Trevor Undi at Dune Studios earlier this week with models Kadri Vahersalu and Shannon Keenan. We phoned the designer before the big reveal to get the skinny. Check out the slideshow for behind the scenes photos from the shoot. 

theFashionSpot: How did the idea for a virtual runway show come about?

Cynthia Rowley: It’s a more efficient, modern and exciting way to do a show. I’ve been a long proponent of changing up the format and reimagining the way people are looking at the clothes. It seems a little crazy to me that the end product of a show is photographs. Even though you go to such great lengths to put on a show, it’s basically like telling the model to run past the photographer and hope to get a good shot. But it’s really hard to get perfect shots from the runway. I love a great runway show, but we’re in an industry that’s all about what’s new. That’s what fashion is. So, why would you continue to show your work in the same format?

tFS: Is it more economical?

CR: People think that, but it’s not. It was a big production for us. We had a set built with smoke, lights and wind. We have fantastic models, and a great videographer. It’s not cheaper, but it’s a better use of funds. Our client knows the brand, and what to expect from the clothes. We want to give them something fresh, accessible and long-lasting.

tFS: What was it like to work with Trevor?

CR: He’s really great. He’s shot a lot of runway footage, so he can create that ambiance in a beautiful way.

tFS: How was the atmosphere on set?

CR: It was a little bit crazy because we were using these fog machines. It was a touch and go situation to control the smoke and not have the models coughing. But it was really fun!

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