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One Minute With … Kaelen


Image: Imaxtree

It’s not often that we see pale pink as a driving color for fall. But at Kaelen’s collection, the pastel hue (along with a similarly spring-like peach) held court with navy and black. It made for a beautiful mix, especially when paired with the voluminous silhouettes. (Which were themselves mixed with slimmer, tailored pieces.)

We spoke with designer Kaelen Haworth about her collection, the colors and more.

theFashionSpot: It’s a very unfall-like palette, which is beautiful. 

Kaelen Haworth: Pink is becoming a thing for me. I love pink. The seasons are so buy now, wear now, so it’s kind of hard to design for a fall palette when I’m not really thinking about that anymore. I’m thinking about “Is this shipping in July? What are people wearing in July?” It’s sort of building a progression in your mind about what people are actually going to be wearing.

tFS: And the voluminous pieces I thought were interesting.

KH: Yeah, that’s something that we do quite a bit of — an interesting volume playing on that kind of element.

tFS: But you have volume and then you have some tight-fitting skinny pants.

KH: I’ve always done quite a bit of tailoring and that’s been a focus and as the collection evolves and as we move on, there’s a lot more room to work around it and play with that. So, it’s nice to bring in other elements to balance it. I don’t ever want it to be so tailored or so perfect, otherwise it doesn’t feel like a real world thing.

tFS: There’s so many mix and match pieces, kind of how a real woman dresses.

KH: It’s meant to complement each other and move the brand forward.

tFS: I always think that’s what’s great about having a woman designer is you understand how women dress.

KH: Yeah, I think it’s sort of hard to think how women dress when you’re in the context of I want to put together a fashion show, but you have to. It’s something you have to think about. It’s something that’s starting to make more sense to me as I’m growing and as the brand is growing.

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