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Editor Etiquette: 16 Things NOT to Do at Fashion Week

image: Getty

Image: Getty

What’s the difference between Fashion Week and guerrilla warfare? Rules, people. If you think you can tip-toe around the tents willy-nilly, we’ve got news for you: Etiquette matters. Let’s review the dos and don’ts that many people seem to have forgotten this past week. Perhaps across the pond things will be more civilized.¬†

  1. Don’t act like it’s not 9 degrees outside. Save your short shorts for September.
  2. Don’t wear shoes you can’t walk in. Or a floor-length dress to a 9 a.m. show.
  3. Don’t take someone’s seat and then refuse to move because you’re pretending it’s yours.
  4. Don’t swipe gift bags that weren’t intended for you. (We saw you at Erin Fetherston.)
  5. Don’t block the view of everyone around you while you Instagram every look.
  6. Don’t groom yourself at shows:¬†Slathering on heavily perfumed lotion while crammed in a show is unacceptable.
  7. Don’t Instagram 82,931 blurry, terrible photos and useless noisy videos of every event you attend to show how cool you are. Unfollowed!
  8. Don’t wear look-at-me hats in the front row. People behind you need to see.
  9. Don’t wave furiously at your model friend walking the runway. He/she is working and you’re distracting everyone around you.
  10. Don’t block the doors while you nonchalantly wait for the street style photographers to notice you. Some of us are trying to work.
  11. Don’t hijack someone else’s interview. Wait your turn before shoving a mic or recorder in someone’s face.
  12. If you’re a beauty editor interviewing Tom Pecheux, know who he is. But seriously, in general, know the subject you are interviewing.
  13. Don’t grab makeup from an artist’s table backstage, or snoop through their kit.¬†
  14. Always be nice to publicists. They have a crazy job and don’t need your attitude.
  15. Don’t bust out a giant professional camera in the front row. If you’re going to shoot the show, head to the photo pit.
  16. Stop complaining about Fashion Week. It’s part of the job description if you’re in the industry, and getting to meet and speak with some of the fashion and beauty greats is a privilege that most don’t get to experience.

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