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Comey’s celebration of the feminine physique comes down to her exquisite tailoring; the juxtaposition of slope-shouldered blazers and above-navel waistlines compliment all figures.  The mood this season is romantic, with a deep green one-shouldered blouse and puce-printed chemise impossibly outshone by electric blue high-waisted pants and the finale dress, a head-to-toe black ensemble notably accented with midriff fringe – an addition to Comey’s repertoire that is best utilized on a pair of dowdy done-right shorts. 

Nary a review has been written without mentioning Comey’s shoes, and this collection will prove to be no game-changer.  A pair of aubergine pumps had onlooking eyeballs glued to the ground.  With so much to see, fingers crossed that we didn’t miss anything.

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