The Best Canadian Athletic Brands (That Aren’t Lululemon)

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I think it’s fair to say that most people’s New Year's resolutions include hitting the gym in some capacity. My own sweat shop has already become jam-packed with new members fighting for floor space, but whether you’re working hard or hardly working, it’s important to look the part as you prepare to fight the holiday damage you’ve done to yourself.

We all know Lululemon is THE name in Canadian fitness apparel, but surely there’s some other options out there? Herewith I’m showing off some other Canuck brands that will hopefully get your pulse racing and motivate us to keep up with those 2014 promises…

1. Keylime Athletic Wear

Keylime Athletic Wear is a Canadian athletic wear manufacturer and retailer based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. They focus on providing comfortable and quality clothing for the EVERY woman, with plenty of different options for fit and size.

2. Lole

Montreal brand Lole, which stands for “Live Out Loud Everyday,” is best known for organizing its yoga sessions where thousands of people gather dressed in white. It’s also renowned for its fashionable yoga basics and outerwear that don’t compromise on performance.

3. Titika

Titika, perhaps one of the best brand names since Lulu, was founded in Toronto in 2009 and specializes in producing high quality, fashionable activewear with great value. While they’ve yet to establish an online store, the brand does have five locations in Ontario and are now considering new locations in Western Canada.

4. Karma Athletic

Proudly made locally in Canada, Vancouver-based Karma Athletic are also in the yoga wear business, creating a balance of high-performance and après fabrics. Each of their pieces is expertly designed, constructed and contoured to highlight the feminine shape and enhance what makes women beautiful.

5. Michi

Finally, keeping the best for last, Michi is the be-all and end-all of athletic underwear. Again made in Canada, their line of seductive, sleek and fantastical super heroine costumes mixed with sensual boudoir chic overtones is designed by Michelle Watson, who grew up near the Canadian Rockies as an active outdoor sports love.