April Showers: Stay Dry with Five of the Best Fashion Umbrellas

Umbrellas are grossly underrated as a fashion accessory, right? I mean, we spend hundreds of dollars on coats and rain boots, but the humble umbrella remains overlooked (by everyone but Rihanna), despite the fact that it'll be hanging on your arm for the majority of spring. That's all changing, as dozens of designers are getting in on the parasol market. Just check out a few of these snazzy rain toppers designed to keep your head dry and your outfit so fabulous, it will have you twirling like Gene Kelly

Designer Umbrellas

1. This clear bubble umbrella from Hunter($48) will coordinate with your obligatory Hunter boots.

2. Pasotti's Silver Dahlia umbrella ($195) from the Toronto-based Raindrops on Bloor Street West has a large flower inside concealing the umbrella's frame. The shop also houses hundreds of raincoats, seasonal coats and jackets, rain hats and waterproof boots.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier's Papillon umbrella ($195), also from Raindrops has an all-over kaleidoscopic butterfly print.

4. Lulu Guinness by Fulton's superslim umbrella ($48)from The Bay will pretty much go with everything you own. Also check out the birdcage design while you’re there.

5. Get into this Green Vine umbrella ($32) from Vancouver-based Cheeky Umbrella. The company also offers custom umbrellas to perfectly suit your personality.