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Spring 2011 Trends: Punk Fashion

Studs, leather, combat boots and ripped jeans are all details of punk fashion. More than a fashion trend, the punk style was a rebellious statement that started in Britain years ago. Along with punk style came punk music and a cult following of the artistic youth looking to express their own voices. Ripped T-shirts, extravagant piercings, and spiked hair in bright colors represented this non-conformist group.

Designers are looking to punk inspiration for Spring 2011 and applying certain elements into their collections. Meant to be mixed and matched rather than worn as a whole look, the punk element can be seen in the details of designer looks such as the safety pin trim on a leather bustier shown at Balmain. A strong studded jacket can be worn with a feminine dress for a stylish blend of feminine and rock. Check out the looks below for inspiration on how to create your own punk look next season.

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