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Accessories Heat up New York Fashion Week Street Style

If you're attending any of the events related to New York Fashion Week, chances are you take fashion seriously. Most gals who live, work and breathe fashion are endlessly stylish and forever daring, trying their hands at new trends year round to perfect the ultimate ensemble for when they're seen at the shows. How does a fashionista set herself apart from a sea of attendees during New York Fashion Week? Pile on the accessories!















A boxy clutch is an ultra feminine way to add a professional look to an outfit. While men have toted cumbersome briefcases around for years, the ladies of fashion week put their own spin on keeping their Blackberries safe with chunky, boxy clutches. Go for a simple shape in a bright color (like red) or let a luxurious gold chain hang freely for a funky twist. 















As winter slowly escapes, a khaki trench coat is a must have for spring! Depending on its cut, a trench coat can work for almost any body type. On the left, a bell shaped cut, paired with a short skirt and platforms. On the right, a more masculine cut, with leopard print sleeves. 














Serious shades are a Fashion Week staple! Anna Wintour swears by shielding her face with giant sunglasses as if not to immediately give away her opinion of a designer's collection with her facial gestures … and what Anna does, we follow! These statement making sunglasses are a must, even when the sun's nowhere to be found.














What's Fashion Week all about? It's hard for most people to focus on its underlying meaning when they're running around New York trying to make it to shows on time. Fashion is all about expressing yourself through your appearance. Pairing together pieces that make you, you. Be it knit hat complete with kitten ears or a blinged out clutch that set you apart, the above women photographed are doing what matters – expressing their individuality through their wardrobe choices.

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