Gok for TU at Sainsbury’s by Gok Wan

Gok Wan for Sainsbury's

Always at the forefront of style, designer Gok Wan thrilled his faithful followers – and earned himself a whole new legion of fans in the process – when he launched Gok for TU, his capsule collection of womenswear for Sainsbury's. The range illustrates Wan's appreciation and understanding of the female form, which translates into clothing that doesn't discriminate between sizes, body types or budgets. Simply put, Gok for TU is approachable clothing for the everyday woman.

And how could it not be? Wan himself is the ultimate champion for self-esteem, helping even the most self-conscious women feel comfortable in their skin on his Channel 4 program How to Look Good Naked. Putting a special emphasis on confidence, Wan encourages women to love their bodies and dress them appropriately. It's no wonder, then, that Gok for TU is so thoughtfully designed and well rounded. 

Naturally, no collection is complete without a dress or two. Feeling playful? Try the Flirty Dress, a girlish number complete with a flippy floral skirt. The alluring Slash Neck Shift and Cheongsam Dress are no less beguiling; both exude a distinctly vintage-inspired, quite clearly timeless quality. Smartly designed with strategic piping and a built-in shaping slip, the dresses create the illusion of curves even where there are none. 

Priced from £20 to £45, Gok for TU is just as accessible as it is wearable. In fact, the clothes run to size 22 and are specially designed to nip, fit and flatter as needed. The result: attire that makes the most of any woman's assets, conceals trouble spots and truly celebrates the female shape.

How to look good, indeed!


Gok for TU offers plenty of styling possibilities with its multitude of tailored tops and trousers. One of many quick routes to chic comes easily: simply pair two favorites together for an effortless, glamorous and practical look. Whether your preference is for something wildly colorful or you favor something understated, you'll find a combination that really tickles your stylish fancies and makes you feel as confident as you look.

For a head start, consider the amazing Palazzo Pants. They feature an exaggerated flare leg, which instantly makes them a suitable candidate for prime night-out attire. Of course, the right top makes all the difference in the world. The Sheer Shirt is the perfect choice – it's sexy in a vaguely eighties-esque way that would make Madonna proud, yet it also happens to exude a certain low-key simplicity that allows almost any woman to pull it off with ease.

If comfort and color are your desired outcomes, go for bold! The artfully chic Oversized Shirt mirrors the ease of a tunic, yet feels decidedly more tailored and sophisticated. It's genius with skinny jeans, leggings or Gok for TU's own Stretch Jodhpurs. The elastic-waist pants shape the body with a hidden support system that smoothes, defines and flatters from top to bottom. With so many potential pairings, you simply can't go wrong.


If bright hues and vibrant prints are your thing, you'll find plenty to love in the Gok for TU collection. Rich in delectable spice tones that resonate beautifully with autumn's dramatic hues, the clothes exude plenty of personality even on the inside – each is lined with Gok for TU's signature (and exuberant) Cherry Blossom or Oriental Floral pattern.

One of the boldest pieces in the range is the Perfect Fit Pant, which is available in teal and red (and black, too). Not just standouts because of their stretchy fabric, sleek fit and flattering silhouette, these pants are perfect for adding a loud pop to one of the line's more understated tops. The mesmerizing Palazzo Pants are equally beguiling in a shade of warm pumpkin.

If you're married to a traditional bottom that's more neutral and low key, opt for a fun top, instead. Not to be missed is the stunning Reversible Kimono, which, with its mesmerizing print, is a zingy alternative to a basic evening jacket. It's one of the collection's most delicate pieces, reflective of the special attention paid to all Gok for TU toppers. Add even one of these pieces to your collection and your fall wardrobe will be complete.


Few things are better than garments so versatile that they render just about everything else in the closet useless. That's not to say you won't find fun partners for the Gok for TU Oversized Shirt, a long, crisp top that feels just as comfortable as it looks. In fact, half the fun of wearing this chic top is in the mix-and-match possibilities.

Its secret is in its silhouette – something Gok Wan gets right time and again. In fact, Wan himself considers the shirt his favorite part of the collection, thanks primarily to its easy fit and creative styling possibilities. That's likely what will draw any woman to it – besides, of course, its fluid and figure-flattering shape. With its long sleeves, it's perfect to wear during the coolest periods of the year, and it's just the thing to offset a pair of dynamic, bolder-than-thou pants – think shimmery leggings or, if you dare, a pair of vivacious tights and knee-high boots for a look that feels decidedly vintage, yet wouldn't be out of place at the club.

When temperatures rise, roll those sleeves up and make the most of the shirt's potential. Throw on any belt you fancy – skinny, wide, chain, animal-print, glossy, sparkly, glittery, leather, studded, bright, subdued…you get the point. If you're going dressy for the night, leave a couple of buttons undone to allow a statement necklace to shine. Change things up with sexy pumps one day and demure flats the next. With so many options, it's easy to change the appearance of this wondrous shirt with one quick maneuver!

If there's one thing Gok Wan truly knows and loves, it's the female form. This may very well be why he spent so much time on the details – the small, important and often-underappreciated specs that make the entire Gok for TU line so impressive. 

One of the best representations of this is the Ultimate Wrap Dress, which is also perhaps one of the most striking and standout pieces in the line. For all its uninhibited sensuality, this sizzling number may as well be filed under "va va va voom" in the dictionary of style. A smoking hot, fiery red is only a small part of its vamped-up look; there's also a deep V-neck, split hem and delicate ruching at the waist, all translating to a very tasteful take on exquisite glamour. Surprisingly, the long sleeves don't take away from the dressy factor; instead, they actually make the dress even more special courtesy of a few strategically placed buttons.

Naturally, the intricate attention to detail doesn't stop there. The built-in sculpting slip means you can kiss your usual shapewear goodbye (if only for the evening) and enjoy the convenience of a gorgeous silhouette in one easy piece. This shaper means business, too – it does the job by smoothing out curves and creating beautiful definition, which is essential for this body-conscious, utterly glamorous dress.