David Lerner’s Spring Collection Inspired by The Hunger Games

Spring 2012 may be about florals, bright hues (tangerine, in particular), and color-blocking, but girls looking to walk on the dark side of things can take cues from the new superhero on the block – Katniss from The Hunger Games. If this is the first you’re hearing of her, run to the nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of the trilogy. Short on time? Here’s all you need to know when it comes to her style: she’s fierce, she’s savvy, and she uses it to her advantage whether she’s in or out of the fighting arena.

Certainly not for the faint of heart, those who wish to channel Katniss' warrior princess-chic vibe this season need look no further than New York City based designer David Lerner. Pieces from his Spring and Fall 2012 collections were inspired by the bestselling trilogy’s leading lady. He opened up the doors to his new atelier in the Meatpacking District to chat about his muse, which character he would most likely be in the series, and how every woman can channel her inner Katniss in seconds.

The Fashion Spot: What kind of girl is Katniss?

David Lerner: I was immediately drawn to Katniss while reading the first book. She has all the qualities that make up the David Lerner girl. She’s a style setter rather than a follower, she’s able to stand on her own and make a statement in easy separates, and she has that tough edge to her. This isn’t a pink bubblegum-snapping girl we’ve got here with ribbons in her hair.

tFS: How did you incorporate elements of Katniss into your collections?

DL: Carefully placed leather accents on a skirt and on leggings give off a sense of being shielded. It’s almost like the clothing becomes an accessory … a type of body armour. The body-skimming silhouette of a mini dress juxtaposed with cut-out detailing and the kimono top allowing for easy movement whether you’re strolling down 5th Avenue or shooting an arrow from your bow all referenced Katniss.

tFS: If you were a character in the story, who would you be?

DL: Definitely Cinna. I’m a designer. Clothes can invent and reinvent a person a countless number of times just like it did with Katniss. Test it out. Slip on a piece from my collection and you’ll probably catch a glimpse of your inner femme fatale even if it’s just for a second.