Get the British Heritage Look

This Easter bank holiday weekend, we seized the opportunity to check out the fashion choices at the famous Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race, which took place along the river in London’s quaint Putney region. This traditional race is in its 158th year, and is also usually unproblematic — if we forget the time that one of the boats sank. This year’s race, however, was labeled as the most dramatic to date and all of the day’s excitement almost took over our urge to fashion spot. Thirty-one minutes into the race, the contest was sent into turmoil when a protestor swam in front of the teams’ boats, causing a restart. This is the first time that the race has ever been disrupted in this way, and when the race finally resumed, the teams went on to accidently clash ores, resulting in a broken ore for the Oxford team. A further restart was denied, and so, with Oxford being at such a disadvantage, Cambridge prevailed. At the end of the race, just when we thought that all of the drama was finally over, one of Oxford’s team members collapsed and was hospitalised.

Get the British Heritage Look! 

Race trivialities aside, traditional British heritage attire was the overriding ordre du jour, which wasn't surprising given that it’s the usual prerequisite of the upper elites. Think knitwear pieces, hunting boots, quilted Barbour jackets, and bright blazers. Although traditionally, this kind of look was only sported by the upper classes, it’s a proud to be British look that has over time filtered down through the masses. Emulate Alexa Chung’s heritage look, worn recently at a festival, with boots and a waxed hunting jacket. 








Images:  Daniel Deme/, Ross Robinson /