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DIY: Painted Chain Statement Necklace

I don’t know what it is lately, but big, chunky statement necklaces seem to be everywhere. Maybe I am spending too many hours on Pinterest and visiting too many fashion blogs, but I can’t get these eye-catching necklaces out of my mind. I find the silver and neon chain necklace by Adia Kibur especially appealing—there is just something about bright colors mixed with industrial-looking metals that feels so intriguing. 

DIY: Painted Chain Statement Necklace

To DIY your own chain necklace, you’ll need: 

  • Spray Paint (The kind that will adhere to metal.)
  • Chain (I used chains from a thrift store handbag, but M&J Trimmings has wonderful chains here and here. It might be helpful to check your local hardware store as well. To make a necklace this length you will need about 2.5 yards of chain.) 
  • Pliers (To make your chains the correct length before you paint.) 
  • Ribbon

DIY: Painted Chain Statement Necklace

After you’ve established the length of chain you want, lay it out on some newspaper and start spraying. I decided to use “Ballet Slipper” pink paint because my chains are more of a muted metallic as opposed to the bright and shiny metal that would look good with neon. You will need to give your chain quite a few coat layers to make sure there is enough coverage. To prevent the paint from chipping, use a sealant like Mod Podge.  

DIY: Painted Chain Statement Necklace

Instead of linking the chains together by opening the end chain link with pliers, I chose to tie the chains together with ribbon. Otherwise the pliers would have left some nicks in my painted chain. By using ribbons to keep your necklace together, you can wear one singular chain or mix it up with other painted colors! 

Pair your statement necklace with a lightweight shirt for the spring or wear it with a breezy tank top during the summer months. This necklace is a simple accessory that can make your look really unique.   

DIY: Painted Chain Statement Necklace

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