Sustainable Eyewear for Stylish Faces

If sustainable fashion makes you think of combing through musty op shops, cast your eyes upon these slick wooden frames by Proof.

Started by three brothers back in January 2011, Proof aims to provide a stylish accessory that you won’t feel guilty about buying. All the frames are produced with top quality wood such as 100% bamboo, ebony, and lacewood, which goes through a vigorous treatment process to make the detail of the wood more vibrant. And not only are they good for our precious and increasingly threatened environment, but a large portion of the profits also goes towards providing corrective eye surgeries to people in India who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

Of course you can’t get Snoop Dogg to don your sunnies just by making them sustainable (the superstar of 90s gangsta rap counts himself a fan of the ‘Bird’ frames in black and lacewood two-tone). Each pair of Proofs are handmade so that no two sets of frames are exactly alike, and to make them even more unique, each pair has a laser engraved logo featuring a customised quote varying from model to model. The frames are all modeled on classic silhouettes, but you can always add a touch of 2012 by getting your polycarbonate lenses polarised or even mirrored. And if reflective gold eyewear isn’t exactly your jam, then stick with timeless black or grey and choose to get the wood itself stained with a coloured matte or glossy sheen.   

Proof eyewear can be purchased directly from their online store or at any of their Australian stockists. Most are priced between $100 and $200, and if you snap them up now, they’ll come in a cool wooden case to keep them safe from nasty scratches. Do you really need another reason to go shopping?