Inspiring Offbeat Street Style Occupies NYC’s Union Square

If you're looking to add an edge to your wardrobe, perhaps there is no better way to discover it than by people watching in the vibrant melting pot that is Union Square. There is a scintillating energy and vigor in this little plaza at 14th Street, caused solely by its expressive occupants. 

The oddities abound, and you'll be sure to spot something from virtually every subculture; even the highly skilled skateboarders, in all their finesse, are refreshingly trendy. It's truly a place where secondhand is second nature, and nearly every outfit worn has at least one garment that's been tailored, tweaked, or otherwise reworked in a style that is far ahead of the crowd. 

The city has experienced some unpredictable atmospheric conditions this summer, and as a result, the trend forecast has been difficult to track. But for those yearning to find offbeat inspiration, you can always depend on Union Square to provide it in any climate.