Give Your Summer Wardrobe a Final Pre-Labor Day Spin

Before you know it, you'll be cozying up in sweaters and boots and wondering where the bare-legged days of summer went. Sure, you might be sick of your summer wardrobe by now, but you'll miss it soon enough. So give these items a final spin.


Many summer dresses can be re-appropriated for fall with cardigans and tights, but not all of them. Pull out all your hottest of the hot weather, strappy, no-doubt-about-it SUMMER dresses and wear those babies on the hottest days we have left. Wear them with your beachiest open-toed sandals and some artfully applied bronzer. The basic idea here is to live it up in the heat while you still can.

White Jeans

I'm not saying I don't believe in Winter White or that I subscribe to old-fashioned rules about white after Labor Day. But there is something about a white jean with a bright summery top and an espadrille, no? They also lend themselves to a preppy nautical look with tons of red and blue and gold accessories. Make this outfit seaworthy and seek out the nearest body of water.


Speaking of all this warm-weather footwear, get the most out of those summer pedicures and sand-sloughed feet. Even if the temps dip down to — gulp — jeans levels, wear your cutest open-toed shoes or, dare I even suggest it, flip flops. You know you're going to miss your flip flops in a month. Nothing is as easy and breezy and summery as open-toed shoes.


You spend all that money on a swimsuit, come up with the perfect cover up and accessories, and sometimes it can seem like you barely got any use out of them. Plan a pool day, a beach day, a lake day — anything that's in your reach. Get the girls together and lounge around in your favorite one-piece, tankini, or bikini and read magazines and have a few margaritas. (If margaritas could be considered a fashion item by any stretch of the imagination, they'd be on this list.)

Photo: Kelsea Kosko