Nicole Chavez: How to Create a Flawless Red Carpet Look

Stylist Nicole Chavez

image: Getty

Over the years, I've learned a lot of secrets for getting the perfect red carpet look, but you don't have to be a celebrity to benefit from my experience. Here are some tips for channeling a flawless red carpet look at home.

1. It's all about fit

I'm a huge advocate of foundation undergarments. Wearing proper foundation pieces can make or break a look so it's important to know the different support options. No matter what size you may be, there are always ways to keep things up, tucked in, etc. This is especially important when you're dealing with samples since they're not made for the women wearing them; you want to tweak them so they're perfect, which ties into tailoring. Pay attention to the fine details because even if a dress is amazing, if it's not tailored properly, it will ruin the whole look.

2. Take a photo before heading out

I always take photographs during the various stages of a dress fitting. It's important to take pictures with flash because you can see what the naked eye doesn't catch. Flash can really alter fabrications especially when it comes to sheer fabrics – it’s unbelievable what will show through (i.e. nipple covers and undergarments – it’s frightening).

3. Break in your shoes

Shoe fittings are very important because everyone's foot is different; some people need comfort and support and you want to know that early on. I also always tell my clients to walk around in the shoes because they will likely be in them for hours, so it's important they are comfortable with how they feel.

4. Pay attention to accessories

Have a lot of accessory options – clutches and jewelry can make or break an outfit and can change the look of something drastically so it's great to have a lot of options to play with at the end.

5. Confidence, confidence, confidence

Confidence is key so I never push a dress on my clients because even if it looks great, if they don't feel great, it will fall flat.