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I couldn’t make it to Stockholm for the first part of ‘Fashion Week by Berns’ (the new name for Stockholm Fashion Week) so thank the lord for their well organized website, providing people with HIGH-REZ IMAGES all nicely zipped up and ready to go (hint hint hint to other cities…).  I was particularly intrigued by the Beckmans 2nd year knitwear show because a) I’m not overly familiar with the work in general of this art school in Stockholm and b) the only reason I know the name Beckmans is due to Sandra Backlund (who I did a loooong interview with for Dazed Digital), a graduate of the school.  The fact that the focus of the show was knitwear might inadvertedly tag all the students with a possible ‘next Sandra Backlund’ label but then again, that’s not a bad thing.  Non-related note: SOMEBODY give Sandra a show please next season!

The stand-outs…

Azade Habibnia: The simplicity of op-art knits never fail to please…


Carina Sahlin: Not far off from a long unknotted sausage but it looks lovely in this pale, pale blue.


Disa Treutiger: What do Martin Margiela-esque shoulders need? Delicate and soft cobweb knitting dusted over them?


Emilie Steele:  I’m not seeing knitwear per se but the print is part-hilarious, part-amazing.


I did some further delving into Beckmans and found that all the students had uploaded part of their portfolios onto the site which brought up some even more intriguing images:

Carina Sahlin


Fanny Ollas


Jonna Sjogren


Klara Sjons Nilsson