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How We’re Styling Cool, Cozy Sweats for Lazy-Sunday Jaunts

Think sweats are for laying around the house? They're just for couch chilling and channel surfing? It's true the unflattering traditional sweats worn by our dads and brothers during the Sunday game are definitely best left in the living room, or the garage, or wherever the man cave is. But right now, cool, cozy sweats for women are having a moment; and it's a moment worth seeing in public. 

These give us a reprieve from constricting leather pants, the suit trousers we wear to the office and the ubiquitous black leggings we're over-sporting every time we want to be comfortable. They're the pants you're not "supposed" to wear out and about, but lend a nonchalant I'm-too-cool-to-care vibe to any look. Wear them with your flats, your sneakers or a pair of ankle boots, throw a crossbody bag into the mix and a sweater; you're ready to hit the grocery store, the flea market or take a walk around the park in style.