My Fashion Week Signature Style: Laid-back Quirky


Adult life imposes so many obligations, I don't see the point of adding more. That’s why I try not to overthink my appearance on a day-to-day basis; I am not a stylist and my life is not a perpetual fashion shoot. The way to live, I think, is as freely and wildly as your individual circumstances permit. 

However, it’s not all about playing it free and loose 24/7. It’s neither the Sixties nor a Lana Del Rey video and most of us can’t spend all our time on the back of some guy’s motorcycle (especially because of helmet hair, ew), so it makes sense to incorporate a little bit of sartorial structure. (That’s why you might see me wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes from time to time — but never in tandem with a miniature lipstick-sized clutch.)

For my Fashion Week outfit from INC International Concepts, only at Macy’s (put together according to my "laid-back quirky" signature style — meaning: I do what I want and follow my own tastes), I started with a fun white sweater, printed with graphic black hearts. I paired it with an easy-to-wear, black A-line skirt (perfect for twirling, which is always an important consideration) and a pair of strappy, retro-inspired pumps. Throw on a slouchy black hobo bag (stuffed with all your stuff!), a sleek hematite bangle — and go live!

image credits: Getty (Jena Malone photo) / IMAXtree (runway photo)

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