Guest List: 27 Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding day stress isn’t just for the bride. If you’re already getting save-the-dates from your cousin, your best friend, your work wife and your partner’s second something once removed, you’re going to need a dress. Make that three. Before you plunk down any cash on dresses to wear to a wedding, let’s review the unspoken rules for wedding guest attire below, then check out our top dress picks for every occasion above.

1. Avoid white like the bubonic plague. The same goes for ecru, eggshell and mother of pearl.


Bridezillas; Image: Project Donut

2. Follow the dress code on your invitation — to a T.

Legally Blonde GIF

Legally Blonde; Image: Movie Gifs That Rock

3. Watch those hemlines. 

Spice Girls GIF

Spice World; Image: GIPHY

4. Stay clear of dresses that could mistake you for the maid of honor.

Bridesmaid Dancing GIF

Bridesmaids; Image: PhotoBucket

5. Don’t upstage the bride.

Kanye West

Kanye West; Image: MyReactionGIFS