13 Gym Bags You Can Wear All Day Long

Let’s face it: Most of us have used every excuse in the book not to work out. The number one reason we love to wave around is inconvenience. Who wants to show up to the office toting around a gigantic nylon gym bag that looks like it came out of a 2001 time capsule? The answer: Only that one married guy with the corner office. But here’s the kicker: The best gym bags for women aren’t singing the same old song anymore. These days, the rise of athleisure wear is prompting busy women to throw their workout gear into an all-in-one carryall that’ll take them from the boardroom to barre in a snap. Too easy, right? Just try and weasel your way out of that one.

For the best gym bags for women that you can wear all day long, click on the slideshow above.