10 Holiday Gifts We Want to Keep for Ourselves

Raise your hand if this is you. You take pride in being an excellent gift giver. At the office party, your Secret Santa gift is the one everyone’s eyeing. Each year, your relatives take stock of your wrapping paper choice so they know which quasi-anonymous cube to lunge for first. You get an indescribable thrill out of watching others’ facial expressions as they feast their eyes on just what they wanted, courtesy of you.

How’d you get to be so gifted? Well, behind every great shopper is a great love of shopping — which usually equates to a love of shopping for oneself. Go ahead, admit it, we won’t judge. As you holiday window shop, your inner Jimmy Stewart begins to picture just how wonderful life would be if you could clone each of those thoughtful, tasteful, downright awesome gifts and revel in them yourself.

We can totally relate because as we compiled the following list of the choicest, chicest holiday gifts — everything from home curiosities to phone cases to watch bracelets — we felt a similar pang of angst. It’s the cross every incredible holiday shopper must bear. Good thing we have one another to lean on for support (and gift ideas). Hey, no (wo)man is an island.