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Alice Dellal Chanel

Preview Alice Dellal for Chanel

About a week ago, we reported that there was some pretty convincing gossip which pegged model and musician Alice Dellal as the new face of Chanel. And now, the French fashion house is confirming the rumors: designer Karl Lagerfeld has already photographed Dellal for the Boy Chanel handbag line, but we'll have to wait til […]

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Alice Dellal for Chanel

Alice Dellal for Chanel?

WWD heard a rumor that model, style icon, and Thrush Metal drummer Alice Dellal may be replacing Blake Lively as the face of Chanel handbags. Dellal's hard-eged, rockerly thing and half-shaved head might make it seem like Karl Lagerfeld is switching gears after spending the past year fawning over the bubbly, ultra-girly Gossip Girl actress, but […]

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