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Kate Middleton

PETA Wants to Make it Clear that Kate Middleton Did Not Actually Wear Fur

Typically, PETA only inserts itself into situations when it thinks that celebrities have done a terrible wrong by wearing (and being photographed in) fur. But the animal rights organization's latest crusade is concerned with a different set of circumstances: the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) posted a photo of Kate Middleton wearing what they mistakingly […]

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Duchess Catherine and The Queen visit wedding gown display

The Queen is Creeped Out by Duchess Kate’s Wedding Gown Display

Prince Charles isn't the only royal that's been crabby about the world's post-royal-wedding fever. When Duchess Catherine and Queen Elizabeth II visited Buckingham Palace's exhibition of Kate's Alexander McQueen wedding gown, The Queen didn't think twice before criticizing the display. The royal told her new daughter-in-law, who played an active part in developing the exhibit, […]

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