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Link Buzz: Lagerfeld’s Black Jackets; Team Pink Hair

Want to go behind-the-scenes of Karl Lagerfeld's traveling exhibit, Chanel: The Little Black Jacket? Nothing's stopping you! Click click, clickity-click. [Fashionologie]   You know what your collared top could use? Some "gypset" embellishments. Do it. I mean that! Do it yourself. [FabSugar]   Nicole Richie joined Team Pink Hair, which I've never been in but […]

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Coachella Hair

Link Buzz: Coachella Hair; Brangelina Get Engaged

If you're going to Coachella — or any other music festival this summer — you'll want to start thinking (a)head, hair-wise. [BellaSugar]   Speaking of hair, apparently many wavy-haired girls should be washing theirs on a daily basis. Go forth and shower! [NaturallyCurly]   If you're lucky enough to be expecting a tax refund, you […]

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Linda Evangelista Chanel

Link Buzz: Kanye’s Kameo & Cellulite 101

Hey look, it's Karl Lagerfeld actually doing his real job and photographing Linda Evangelista for Chanel eyewear. [DesignScene]   Know thy enemy: cellulite. [BellaSugar]   Hey, Kanye West is probably making a kameo appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians next season. [HaveUHeard]   He and Kim also maybe joined Beyonce and Jay Z for […]

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