Hot Beauty Product: ‘Dot The I’ Make-up Remover Swabs


Dot the I Makeup Remover Swabs are single-use cotton swabs containing eye make-up remover. Each swab contains a pre-measured amount, so simply bend and snap one end off to get the product moving, swipe under eyes, and toss. Voila! No more spitting on your Q-tips to touch up your eye make-up. (You know you’ve done it).

Note: When you use a swab, make sure to gently tap the side you will be using against your finger to get the make-up remover moving into the cotton, and wipe off any excess. This product is perfect for at home or on-the-go. I even brought one to an event for a mid-party touch up.

Jane Iredale, the frontrunner in mineral makeup, has consistently brought us products that use natural ingredients. I’ve been a longtime fan of her PurePressedR Base Mineral Foundations. The eye make-up remover in Dot the I Makeup Remover Swabs is alcohol-free, and safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Organic ingredients like lavender flower water, algae extract, and aloe leaf extract will calm, condition, and nourish the tender skin around the eyes.

I’m so excited about these little wonders, I’m buying a few packs right now!

Article courtesy of SkinnyPurse