Beauty Trend: Plaited Hair


As soon as the first images of the long, loose side braid at the Alexander Wang spring 2010 show hit the internet, a massive frenzy shook up the fashion world.

From the fashion blogs to the front row at fashion week, everyone was talking about how the new braid was a fashion revolution.

The last time most of us remember sporting any sort of braided hairstyle, we were most likely swinging from the monkey bars in elementary school. Fast forward to the year 2010, and the braids from our past have grown up.

Alexander Wang and Miu Miu both showcased similar styles of the side braid. It is a very bohemian-meets-city-girl look that is easy to achieve with a steady hand and a light spritz of hair spray. The messy and loose construction of the braid exudes an effortless and sexy wildness that pays no attention to structure and form. It’s not about perfection, and much more about looking like you don’t care. Miu Miu took the side braid to an even greater level of sloppiness with an extremely tangled and oversized base that made the models look like they ran through a forest full of bushes and twigs.

To achieve this season’s most sought-after hairstyle, create a side part in the front and gather your hair in the back on one side of your neck. This is the base where you’ll want to begin braiding.

Start by creating loose braids all the way down to the end, and secure with a small band. Take the hairs framing your face and pull them away so that they fall carelessly for a bed head look. This style is best suited for long hair because it makes for a magical and outstanding tail that can’t help but be noticed.

The longer your hair, the tinier the tip will be at the end of the braid, and the miniaturizing effect of it compared to the messy haloed frame of hair around the face is a combination that feels so new right now. But even if you have shorter or medium length hair, this style will still work. It won’t be as dramatic, but it will be just as playful and unexpected.

To finish off the look, use a little hairspray around your head to keep your mangled mess in place.

To go even messier, take the base of your hair where your braid begins and carefully (or recklessly) tangle and pull apart the hairs to create a voluminous effect.

You’ll look like the coolest fashionista in town, rather than the cutest girl on the playground.