Hot Beauty Product: Sorbet For Your Skin

It can get positively sweltering in the city come summertime – so hot that sometimes in a muggy haze you can actually see the steam rising from the sidewalk.

Relief from the heat can come in many forms: repeat visits to super air-conditioned stores, chewing on ice cubes, an old-school paper fan tucked permanently into your purse.

And while many like to keep their stash of aloe in the fridge so it really soothes sunburned skin, the newest product by niche brand Votre Vu is designed to be stored in the freezer 24/7.

The Les Sorbet serum, which is full of collagen and marine proteins, looks and functions much like an ice pop – except instead of putting it in your mouth, you remove it from the freezer, push the product up and rub directly onto your face, using fingers for even distribution.

When applied after a warm shower, it creates an appealingly spine-tingling chill meant to kick-start circulation and firm the facial skin.

It can also be used on the neck, décolletage and, when you’re really overheating, on your pulse points. Just remember to store it upright, and far away from any push-up popsicles.

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