Beauty Trend: Colorful Tresses

The punk style has its moments in fashion, and it looks like 2010 is one of them.

But it’s not just for rebellious kids or rocker bad-asses anymore. Bright colors are making a comeback into hair color with streaks, all over color, and even color blocking.

From all over fashionable, grey locks to streaky hot pink stripes on platinum blondes, it’s time to get colorful with your hair next season.

A tousled hairstyle, neon eyeshadow, and grey and blue stripes on a pouty brunette is a new “bad girl look” shown at Giles (left).

 A messy ponytail with a bright, red streak and matching red lips are rocker chic at Vena Cava (left). A pretty updo at Chanel with a Marie Antoinette style looks modern with a pale, blue stripe on perfectly styled bangs (right).

A sleek ponytail placed high upon the scalp is punk with neon tresses and matching makeup at Miu Miu (left). Cynthia Rowley is rocker girl pretty with a crimped ponytail and matted locks in aqua blue (right).

Although this look may not be appropriate for the corporate world, colorful locks are definitely perfect for a night out in the city. Try washable color or clip-on tresses for a punk look without the commitment.