Beauty Trend: Slicked Hair

A flowy head of locks looks gorgeous on everyone but only the rare few can pull off a swimmer-style, wet mane look in the real world.

It’s the sleek, wet hair style from the 80’s that brought out the sexy masculinity in women, and it’s back for both Summer and Fall 2010 collections. 

Styled with tons of gel in a deep side part, slicked back and loose, or pulled into a ponytail with a front piece wave, the style choices vary but the hair is always heavily textured.

It’s probably not the best hairdo for a date, but try it out for a nightclub or gallery opening. 

Check out the runway looks below for ideas on how to style slicked hair for next season.

Parted down the middle, divided and pulled into a ponytail at Mario Schwab, the models looked fierce with haunting, purple shadow and oversized, jewel ear pieces (left). Pretty and perfect at Gucci, this deep side part chignon is just a little wet, providing a more wearable look for us not walking on the runways (right).

Roberto Cavalli goes into the deep sea with a slick side part and front wave left loose (left). Soft and lovely at Mathew Williamson, a slicked ponytail is just lightly sprayed without over saturating (right).

So get wet this season, and load up on some heavy gel and hairspray products to achieve this 80’s slicked look.