Beauty Trend: The Undone Updo

The 1960’s were an amazing time for fashion. Big hair, big make-up, and loud clothing. Everything was overdone, polished and fabulous.

Ratted hair added valuable inches to women’s height, and balanced out the knee-high boots.

Fabulous hairstyles defined the look, and made the statement that when it comes to locks, bigger is better.

Designers are taking note of the updo, and making a new version that’s a little undone.

Teased, twisted, and messy, these updos have all the elegance without the prom-like stiffness of a French twist.

Volume is key, along with deliberately leaving several hairs out of place.

A tight ponytail with a teased and twisted bun sat high on the head at Lanvin (left).

Curled, teased and braided, Christian Dior presented an haute couture updo for Fall 2010 (left). A set of retro shades, oversized bun, and a knitted headband showed off neutral colors at Prada (right).

An oversized French twisted with wispy bangs complimented Vera Wang’s ethereal collections (left). A deep side part, teased and twisted into a low chignon, looked effortless and elegant at Giambattista Valli (right).

So grab a comb, a set of bobby pins, and a can of hairspray to create a messy updo with the prettiest intentions.